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By: lisa lucero | Posted: Aug 20, 2010

Alright, they made me say that. But, no matter how big they get, they still have customers call them Advance Auto Parts. They even have the number one spot on Google for the keywords "advanced auto parts." So, no matter what you finally call them, you can still get top of the line part for your car and other auto equipment at great prices.

Some Advantages

Advance Auto Parts tries to be a bi-lingual business and encourages Spanish speaking employees to come work for them. Their website even has a Spanish version. Advance Auto Parts knows there is no bargain getting auto parts on sale if the sales staff is rude, dimwitted or indifferent. Don't be afraid to ask questions to the employees at Advance Auto Parts about your new advanced auto parts - it's their job to help you, or they have to look for another job.

Another advantage of Advance Auto Parts is that there is a whole slew of them all across America, so you're not stuck having to go to just one store. There are currently about 3000 stores in the East Coast and the Central states. If you live on the West Coast, sorry - there aren't any stores out there yet.

Big Online Shop

However, even if there aren't any real world Advance Auto Parts stores in your state, you can still buy your advanced auto parts, tools and car fluids from their huge online web catalogue. They ask that, if you want a specific car part, to tell them what make and model of car you have, so this will better help you select the right part for the right car the first time.

You can shop by category or even by advanced auto parts numbers (if you happen to know the exact numbers that you need; hey, it can happen). As of this writing, you can pay online only by major credit card. Most shipping of your order is in about five business days or less. When you make an order, you get a "promise date", which is their lingo for "estimated delivery date" or "when you really have to start worrying date".

If you do have an Advance Auto Parts real world shop near you, but don't have a lot of time to shop in the actual store, you can shop online and pick all your stuff up at the store.

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Built from a solid foundation.

• 1901 Arthur Taubman is born in Astoria, New York.
• 1932 Arthur Taubman purchases Advance Stores, LLC from Pep Boys, which consists of three stores: two in Roanoke, VA. and one in Lynchburg, VA.
• 1938 The Company expands into Winston-Salem, NC, signaling the beginning of the company’s multi-state growth.
• 1969 Arthur Taubman steps down as President but remains Chairman of the company. His son, Nick Taubman, assumes the role of President. There are 54 Advance stores in four states.
• 1982 The PDQ (Parts Delivered Quickly) Program rolls out, providing customers access to more than 25,000 automotive parts and accessories.
• 1985 The company changes its name to “Advance Auto Parts.” On November 4, 6.61 inches of rain falls onto an already saturated ground. The deluge destroys Advance’s home office and warehouse, but not the determination of the company.
• 1993 On May 28, Advance opens its 300th store in Windsor, NC.
• 1996 The Commercial Delivery program is rolled out. The company-wide rollout of the Reliable Automotive Direct Order Catalog is completed, providing customers with 100,000 SKUs from over 200 vendors.
• 1998 In April, the Taubman family sells a majority interest in the company to the investment firm Freeman Spogli & Co. In August, Advance buys Western Auto Supply Company/Parts America, which doubles the company’s size almost overnight.
• 2001 Advance Auto's Parts becomes a publicly traded company, listed as a common stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AAP.

• 2003 The company's 2,500th store opens in Parma, OH. Advance makes its first appearance on the prestigious Fortune 500 list.
• 2006 In September, Advance opens its 3,000th store in Salina, KS, part of the company’s Western Area. Advance Auto Parts celebrates its 5th year as a public company. The Commercial Delivery program reaches its 10th anniversary, and Commercial Sales reach $1 billion.
• 2007 On April 29, Advance celebrates its 75th year in business, with over 3,000 stores in the U.S., the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and more than 43,000 Team Members.
• 2008 Under Darren Jackson’s leadership, the company announces four priorities designed to transform the business – DIY Transformation, Commercial Acceleration, Availability Excellence and Superior Experience.Retrive from online 10/24/2011. Return to Car Parts from Advance Auto

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