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Mercedes-Benz: On the Cutting Edge of Technology

By: Stephanie Lara

Mercedes-Benz is on the leading edge of technology since its inception. Consistent innovators, their latest creation is yet again breaking barriers.

In partnership with Hughes Telematics, Mercedes-Benz has its own dedicated application, mbracefor iPhone.

This unique 'app' literally puts the keys to your Mercedes-Benz into your phone. Even if you are not together with your vehicle, you still have access to several of its important features.The key feature of mbrace is the ability to lock or unlock your car from the phone. While this may occasionallyseem like it has negligible use, odds are that when approaching your car it's probably your phone in your hand and never your keys.

If seem to have misplaced your Mercedes-Benz, the mbrace app will letyou honk the vehicles horn and flash the lights, right from the phone. This comes in very handy in large parking lots.

If you are out to eat at new restaurant with a friend, and you want toto find out how to get there again, use the mbrace application to send the location directly to your Mercedes-Benz navigation system.

It's then available to call up at your convenience. You can even use your current location tolocatethe closest Mercedes-Benz dealer, and then schedule a service appointment. You may also type in points of interest to find its location, or the closest store you're looking for.

If you ever already know the address you are going to, prepare the address in your phone on your way to your Mercedes-Benz and the address will be in the navigation system waiting for you.

The application also integrates together with your contact list, allowing you seamlessly pull contacts address out of your phone into your vehicles navigation system.If you find yourself extremely confused and unaware of your location, you can use the mbrace application to talk to an actual representative.

They will inform you of your location and supply you directions to where you are trying to go, sent right to your vehicles navigation system.

They mayalso help you find points of interest, such as highly rated restaurants or a local theater. The Drive2Friend feature is a similar and very useful tool.

Type in your pals number and if they accept your message, their location will be sent to your navigation system and you will be able to find them easily.

Head to your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership to check out the mbrace and see how it will help make your life easier. Full feature access is only available on select newer Mercedes-Benz models. Take into accout there is an annual fee, but the features for mbraceappear to be well worth the price. So head out and test it out at your Mercedes dealership; Plano and the surrounding Dallas area have fantastic dealers.

Author Resource: Mercedes Benz Dealership

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