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Audi Cars - The Tuner and Performance Fan's Favourite
By Andy Adams

Among the many high performance car brands Audi has been a favourite amongst many enthusiasts for the past few years, popular models such as the A3 and the TT Roadster have been subject to all manner of interesting and powerful upgrades to increase the power of the car and quench the thirst for speed. All New K&N Brand Products with Site-Wide Lower Pricing only at StreetSideAuto.com!

Newer models recently on the market like the RS6 and the R8 (recently featuring in the hit movie Ironman) have re-ignited the interest of petrol heads everywhere.

The best part of performance tuning Audi cars is that you are able to tune up almost any car from the current range whether it's the family saloon A4 or the already beefy hot hatches like the RS range.

Performance tuning Audi best suits models like Quattros, Turbo diesels and supercharged models, once you've decided what car you are going to modify you're spoilt for choice when it comes to what parts to replace or alter.

Whether you are looking to improve the handling with a new Limited Slip-Diff or you are craving an extra few horses under the bonnet you could perform an upgrade with a number of Audi Tuning Parts such as new ECU or forced induction from Turbo systems. 5% off all Edelbrock products with code Edelbrock2011 at StreetsideAuto.com! Offer valid until 3/31/2011

But car tuning isn't all about power and performance, whilst it's still a very important part of it, the visual appearance of your car needs to match the cool things that it can do on the road or a race track.

Aside from custom paint jobs and graphics applied to the side and bonnets of your car many Audi Tuning companies will lower your car's suspension to create a sleeker appearance - just make sure you take it easy going over speed bumps!

Other modifications you can make include weight reduction; there are a number of ways to make your Audi lighter and a lot of it involves utilising carbon fibre: the versatile compound that can be made into anything from wing mirrors to custom bonnets. Carbon fibre door inserts can help bring the weight of your car's doors down to racing specification if you were to go as far to remove most of your interior upholstery. Mothers Detail Bucket with everything you need for only $39.95 at StreetSideAuto.com!!

Obviously that's the high end of the scale, not all of us want to sacrifice the luxury for speed but that's the beauty of Audi tuning you can choose to upgrade one or a few elements and you'll potentially increase your car's power or fuel economy, sometime even both!

There are many resources on the internet and also dedicated performance stores who can advise you further on how to improve your Audi no matter how much you are wishing to spend.

There are many Audi Tuning Companies that specialise in making your car perform to the top of it's ability.

With the wide range of Audi Tuning Parts available for almost every aspect of the Audi Tuning cars it's easier to custom tune any particular aspect of your Audi's ride. Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andy_Adams

Drift Car - I Want A Car Like In "Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift"
By James Hendricks
So you saw the movie "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift", and you got all excited about drifting and you want to buy a drift car. I can't blame you, being a drifter myself, it's one heck of a fun ride to drift your car around corners at dangerously high speeds. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you want to buy a drift car.

1. Make sure your drift car is Rear Wheel Drive. All the cars you saw drifting in the movie "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift", use a rear-wheel-drive car. I hope you know enough about cars to know what a rwd car is, if you don't, then I'm not quite sure drift is the smartest or safest move for you. A rwd car lets you slide the rear tires out, causing your car to drift.

2. You need a good power to weight ratio in your drift car. Most popular drift cars are Japanese sports cars. A very popular drift car is the AE86 Trueno or Sprinter or "hachiroku" made by Toyota. Other popular drift cars are one's made by Nissan like the 240sx (180sx as it's know in Japan and Australia), Silvia - S13, S14, S15, Skyline - R32, R33, R34 both coupes and 4 door sedans. Then there are the bigger drift cars that are becoming popular here in Japan like the Toyota Chaser or Mark II. Mazda's Rx7 - FC, FD are also very popular as you'd know because you saw an orange and black FD Rx7 in "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift".

3. You then need a few essential parts on your car to make it drift like in the movie "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift". Most important is an LSD (limited slip diff). This allows you to spin both rear tires at the same time, making it easier to drift. Other necessary parts include a bucket seat.

Makers like Bride and Recaro have great one's pro drifters use. Coil over or lowered suspension is a must have to lower the center of gravity and stiffen the suspension of your car. That's about it for the main drift parts.

If you want to make your car look like it's straight from the movie "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift", the you will need a body kit, big chrome wheels, Shop for wheels. Select vehicle to see different wheel styles right on your vehicle - right on the screen. neon lights and a Save up to 62% off list on Magnaflow exhausts + get FREE shipping at AutoAnything! *restrictions apply etc.

But remember folks and "wannabe" drifters, "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift" is just a movie and I don't recommend you copy that driving style on the streets. Have fun buying a drift car and be safe.

Like Drift? Want to get more drifting info, tips and drifting pics about drift in Japan? I update my web site http://www.DriftInJapan.com fortnightly with the latest drifting action from Japan. Don’t forget to sign up for free email notifications sent to you every time I update my site! Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Hendricks

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