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Hottest Tuner Cars all there!

The 10 Hottest Tuner CarsBy Evan Griffey of MSN Autos

Part 1

Speed, style and status are still en vogue, at least among adrenaline junkies and those who appreciate the beauty of today's ultraslick "tuner cars." Powerful, sophisticated and awe-inspiring, these magnificent machines started life as a standard sedan, coupe or utility vehicle, only to be transformed by skilled professionals into high-performance demons of the asphalt.

The compromises made in the name of mass production have been fixed, aesthetics enhanced, power increased and handling improved, all in the name of performance and to provide a more raw and visceral driving experience. The following collection of rolling thunder represents 10 of the latest and greatest tuner cars from both sides of the pond. Start your saliva glands and get ready to drool.

TechArt Panamera Concept OneTalk about driving a hard bargain: The Porsche Panamera Turbo rocks the cash box to the tune of $132,600; and that's before TechArt gets its hands on it. The burly Panamera Concept One is powered by a TechArt-enhanced 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine pumping out 650 horsepower.

Body tuning mods from PU-RIM widen the car by 21 millimeters at the nose and 42 millimeters in back using custom front and rear fascias, wide body fenders and side skirts. TechArt also focused on the interior, rewrapping the Porsche with a 2-tone cocoa and white scheme with green stitching. A ceiling-mounted 10.2-inch TV/DVD player and fold-down rear tray tables add to the opulence. The only thing missing is a jar of Grey Poupon.

Hottest Tuner CarsNovitec Rosso CaliforniaIf a Ferrari California is not tuned enough for you, Novitec has the answer: Supercharge it. Novitec Rosso pressurizes the California's 4.3-liter V8 engine with 6 pounds per square inch of boost, enough to pile on an additional 166 horses for a total output of 606 horsepower.

A water-to-air intercooler, bigger fuel injectors, a trick intake manifold and a stainless-steel exhaust system join the blower. Zero to 60 mph flashes by in 3.8 seconds, and top speed is 202 mph. The Cali's Italian coachwork has been enhanced with an assortment of goods, all in carbon fiber of course. Handling has been sharpened via a Novitec hydraulic suspension that drops the drop-top 35 millimeters yet allows it to be raised to clear obstacles.

ABT Sportline R8 5.2 V10It may be hard to imagine a body kit on the seductive Audi R8, but ABT Sportline has done more than dream it. ABT unleashed the carbon fiber in the form of a trick custom grille, a new front bumper with a lip spoiler, new side skirts, a new rear bumper that houses a different diffuser and four tail pipes, and a fixed rear wing.

Distinctive 19- or 20-inch wheels fill out the fender wells. In the engine bay, the V10 has been tweaked to develop an additional 75 horsepower for a total of 600 ponies. That equates to 3.8-second zero-to-60-mph run.

Lingenfelter Camaro SS L28Carry a big stick, namely the brutish Lingenfelter L28 Camaro, and own the road with 800 horsepower. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has five engine packages for L99-, LS3-powered Camaros and a special version featuring a turbocharged LS7 swapped from a Z06 Corvette.

The packages range from 550 to 800 horsepower and feature forced induction via an Eaton supercharger or a twin turbo system. The L28 also features custom body tuning fore and aft.
Lingenfelter-designed 20-inch, 10-spoke wheels, custom interior touches and a Hotchkis-enhanced suspension with Brembo brakes round out the L28 treatment.

Hennessey Challenger HPE600 TurboHennessey Performance, known for its superfast Vipers, keeps it in the Mopar family with the Challenger HPE600 Turbo. A stock 425-horsepower SRT8 is the starting point.

Hennessey adds a Precision 67HPSH turbo, a 44-millimeter waste gate, ported and polished cylinder heads, an intercooler, fuel system upgrades, a Corsa exhaust system and tuning. The result is 6 pounds per square inch of boost and an additional 195 horses under your right foot.

The 620-horse HPE600 belted out an 11.9-second quarter-mile on a granny launch, yet it has KW shocks and suspension as well as StopTech brakes for quicker reflexes in the twisties. The HSE600 also includes exterior badging and interior dress-up items.

One of the Hottest Tuner Cars Roush 427R MustangRoush puts the 2010 Mustang at the head of the herd with a number of hard-hitting mods that focus on power production, traction and aerodynamics.

The Blue Oval's 4.6-liter V8 engine gets a boost from a RoushCharger supercharger that pumps up the volume to the tune of 435 horsepower.

The factory-installed Roush suspension system provides a balance of ride and handling and includes a Roush wheel-hop-reduction kit so drivers can unleash those 435 horses without hesitation.Which makes it another one of the Hottest Tuner Cars all there at the Mall!

The 427R is dressed to the nines with a custom front fascia and lip spoiler, rear fascia, side splitters and a 3-piece rear wing. Rolling stock consists of 18-inch alloys with 20s on the optional menu. Time to saddle up and go for a ride.Retrieve from online on 10/18/2011. Return from Hottest Tuner Cars to Tuner cars

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