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Monster Trucks!

Back in the 1970's the popularity of truck pulling increased. Lifted trucks were becoming popular with wheels as large as 48 inches in diameter. Trucks such as Bigfoot & King Kong have been around since the 70's and are still competing today.

After a few short years the tire sizes were increased and the cars then ran on sets of 66inch wheels.
In 1988 the Monster Truck Racing Association was formed. This organisation standardised the rules for racing, construction and safety.

Racing began gaining more and more popularity, with freestyle driving being a secondary sport. In 2000 monster truck freestyle became a judged competition.

Monster Jam, is currently the largest and most popular promoter. Tours not only cover North America but also Europe and Canada.

Trucks designs are mostly based on scaled up 4 x 4 dune buggies. On the outside with the stylised fibre glass bodies they look very much like trucks, but under the shell they have custom tubular chassis', with special suspension which can provide up to 4 feet of clearance.

Over the years many safety features have been introduced, with most components being shielded to protect both the driver and spectators in case of a truck roll, or in the rare case of a truck explosion.
All truck drivers are required to wear fire suits, helmets and head and neck restraints. Article Source:

Do you know of the best way you could get entertained? Statistically speaking in the United States of America, you would find that trucks have ruled the entertainment industry for some time now.

What started with a pickup truck some years ago has now undergone several modifications to be where it is as of today. These type of truck appear at truck rallies that happen every year.

Watch these rallies where these trucks crush the smaller some things much to your dismay!

This is one of the most popular Trucks rallies in the United States of America - The Monster Truck Rallies. You would find that the Truck driver would have the liberty of doing almost anything that he wishes to do. He could go on a free-wheeling course and do almost any trick he knows that he has up his sleeves.

Some things like crushing smaller cars and motor homes may not give you good thoughts but that is what these trucks are made for in the rallies.
As said before, these trucks were built from pick-up trucks. The first truck burst on the scene in the 1970s. When they were first modified to monsters, owners had only one objective in mind - How to make them bigger and stronger! You would be surprised to know that some of them even went up to the extent of raising the vehicle into the air.

Bigfoot, Bear Foot and King Kong, the first Monster trucks, owned by Fred Shafer, Jack Willman Sr. and Jeff Dane respectively soon went on to become a part of national folklore.

The first time when the trucks took part in regular racing was in the 1980s. The USHRA and TNT Motorsports triggered off a series of championships for monster trucks, one of them which went on to be a regular racing every year.

In 1988, a new championship was designed by the TNT Motorsports where trucks used fiberglass bodies and lighter axel. This was to ensure better mobility of the trucks.
Soon, these truck rallies became so popular that they were being covered by National Television channels. The popularity of these truck rallies saw a spurt with the National Radio covering these truck rallies.

By 1990, these truck rallies saw frenetic development in the way how they were covered by various broadcasting channels. A fast talking radio announcer screaming at the top of lungs s

oon became a permanent part of these races. Soon enough, you could see the popularity increasing for these rallies.

Batman, the Carolina Crusher, Donkey Kong, Iron Outlaw, King Krunch, the Predator and the USA-1 are some of the most popular trucks that participate in Monster truck rallies as on date. One look at these trucks and you would be convinced about the fact that these could crush almost anything.

What do you get in seeing a Monster truck rally? Excitement and entertainment galore! At least these two factors have brought about more than a million people seeing these races, resulting in this industry getting to be a Million Dollar industry as on date.

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