Jaguar C-X75 Very Fast

Jaguar C-X75 Electric Concept CarBy Kristen Hall-Geisler,

The All-Electric Jaguar C-X75:Jaguar C-X75 Images At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the Jaguar C-X75 electric car concept was shown to the public for the first time.

As its name suggests, this vision of the big cat's future came in the company's 75th year in business.

While this exact car is unlikely to see production, it acts as a showcase for the company's design language and a platform for testing new technology.

The body's design was based on C-Type and D-Type racers from the 1950s, though I see a bit of the slippery XJ220 in there, too. The body of the C-X75 is constructed entirely of lightweight, recyclable aluminum finished in Jetstream Silver.

Powerful Propulsion:Like several other exotic electric cars, the C-X75 is four-wheel drive, with a 195-hp electric motor at each wheel.

These motors work together for 68 miles of electric-only driving with an amazing 1180 lb-ft of torque.

For going farther faster, two micro gas turbines developed in partnership with a jet manufacturer kick in to generate power for the batteries and extend the range up to 560 miles.

The turbines never power the wheels -- only charge up the batteries. And how fast does all this get you? An estimated 205 mph.

Not too shabby for zero emissions.

High-Tech Interior and Aerodynamics:

Everything in the cockpit is focused on the driver:

the steering wheel, pedals, and controls all adjust in the driver's direction.

High-resolution TFT screens in the dash give detailed information, including needles that display the status of the two turbine engines.

Air intakes at the front and sides sweep air around the cockpit and feed it into the turbines.

For that matter, the front grille and brake vents only open when necessary for smoother aerodynamics, and the rear wing includes an active air foil that lowers at speed for increased downforce. Retrieved from online on 11/1/2011, Return to Jaguar from Jaguar C-X75 Very Fast!

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