Introducing the CT 200h lexus.

By introducing the CT 200h into their line-up, Lexus has been able to report a reduction in average CO2 of more than 22% over the last year.

The CT 200h was the world's first premium compact car with a hybrid drivetrain, and has significantly helped Lexus achieve the sharpest fall in average CO2 emissions compared to any other car manufacturer in the UK.

The latest 'cleangreencars' industry survey shows that, measured across its full model range, Lexus has an average emissions figure of 130.62g/km – 22.63% lower than the figure recorded in 2010.

This statistic places Lexus as the 'cleanest' premium brand in terms of vehicle carbon emissions, but also puts them in the top

10 of all volume car manufacturers in terms of average emissions.

The significant improvement can be attributed to the advances Lexus has made with the CT 200h. Powered by the latest generation of Lexus Hybrid Drive, it produces 94g/km of CO2, the lowest figure for any car in its class.

Thanks to this efficiency, the CT 200h qualifies for zero annual car tax and attracts low company car tax, plus a zero first-year Write Down Allowance for business fleet operators.

Richard Balshaw, Lexus Director, said, "Cleangreencars' independent data confirm that Lexus is delivering real-world results in bringing down emissions while maintaining the levels of luxury and refinement that are central to the brand."

"The advances we have made with CT 200h will be sustained by the introduction of more new full hybrid cars, starting with the all-new GS next year, further reducing our emissions average."

Cleangreencars' CO2 industry analysis takes into account the sales figures as well as the emissions performance of each model. This means its results cannot be skewed by one particularly clean or polluting model, without that car having sold in appropriate numbers., Retrieved from online on 11/12/2011. Return from Introducing the CT 200h lexus to Green Cars.

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