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Michelin Tires; One of the top brands!

Michelin and the privately-run team MOLA the Japanese motor racing scene by surprise by securing both the Teams’ and Drivers’ titles in this year’s GT500 series.

The GT500 class is the flagship category of the country’s Super GT championship which is one of the world’s most competitive GT race series.

Super GT is probably the sport’s toughest and most fiercely-fought GT race championship and opposes a long list of Japanese carmakers, as well as the world’s major tire manufacturers.

Michelin chose to take part in this series in order to compete with rival tire firms on their home territory and to showcase the competitiveness of its tires.

The technical and technological stakes at play are extremely important and MICHELIN’s Technology Centre and Competition Department worked together to produce a range of versatile high-performance products to match the quality competition and high standard of the cars.

Michelin previously won the GT500 title in 1999 and returned to the discipline 10 years later with the Hasemi Tomica-run Nissan GT-R.

This year, the French tire firm faced the challenge of taking on the top factory teams with two ‘privateer’ operations, namely MOLA – who were making their debut in GT500 – and SARD.

Michelin and MOLA rose to the challenge in style and a score of one outright win (at Sugo) and four second places saw the N°46 Nissan GT-R/Michelin shared by Masataka Yanagida and Ronnie Quintarelli go on to take the 2011 Teams’ and Drivers’ crowns.

“This is a truly fantastic result which demonstrates how competitive our tires are for this highly competitive multi-brand championship which went down to the wire this year.

Our partners claimed six pole positions from a possible eight," reports Serge Grisin, the manager of Michelin Competition’s four-wheel programmes.

“This year, we faced a huge challenge in association with our ‘privateer’ partners against five rival tire manufacturers who were working with Japanese factory teams.

The Super GT series stands out as an exacting proving ground for us because Michelin Tires are pushed to the limit of their performance potential.

They also need to be particularly versatile because the different circuits visited by the championship are very different, as was the weather we encountered during the season.

On top of that, our products have to be extremely durable, since the races are between 250 and 400km in length.

A big bravo to our partners, and a huge thank you for the support we enjoyed from Michelin Japan, as well as to the engineers, chemists and developers who work out of the Technology Centre and Michelin Competition.” Retrive from online on 10/25/2011. Click here to return to Auto Tires Home page!

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