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Yokohama Tires Sales Philippines, Inc. was incorporated in December 20, 2000 for the purpose of acquiring, importing, exporting and selling wholesale tires and rubber goods for automobiles, trucks and aircrafts.

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Yokohama Rubber Company based in Japan.

In the field of high-performance tires, Yokohama is synonymous with superb sports car performance combined with high levels of comfort.

Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines and The Yokohama Rubber Company are determined to stay abreast of consumer demand globally - anticipating changing needs and meeting them through the very latest in tire production technologies.

Yokohama’s corporate philosophy embraces all the above considerations under the banner of “Contributing to society.”

Maintaining the critical link between this ideal and its fulfillment involves a sensitivity to changes in current trends in order to identify user needs of the future. In practical terms, it requires the development and use of ever more advanced technologies and production systems.

Yokohama’s pursuit of excellence extends to the other business domains into which it has diversified, including engineering, construction, the marine and aerospace industries, and the sports and leisure field.

As important as market research, the latest technologies and the finest production systems are, it is important to remember that they are the creations of people.

Behind every Yokohama product lies the spirit, the zeal, the knowledge, the skill and, above all, the shared vision of Yokohama people in “contributing to society.”

Yokohama Rubber has stood at the leading edge of technological development in the rubber polymer field for over 80 years.

Our high-performance tires, developed on the basis of technologies and know-how forged on the race track, have long been renowned worldwide. Retrieved from online on 10/25/2011. Click here to return to Auto Tires Home page!

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